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Lightuino 5.0
Lightuino 4.0 Shield
Lightuino 3.0
Lightuino 2.0
Announcing the Lightuino V5
Arduino-compatible LED driver that individually lights 70 LEDs, with different intensities. Also drive >1000 LEDs in a matrix configuration. Includes IR receiver and ambient light sensor. Now with USB!
Dec-10-2010 www.toastedcircuits.com domain registered
Dec-15-2010 Lightuino 5 PCBs arrived
Dec-17-2010 Lightuino 5 proto board assembled and works
Dec-28-2010 Lightuino 5 Serial over USB finished
Jan-2-2011 Lightuino 5 software release code checked in
Jan-5-2011 www.toastedcircuits.com web site reworked
Jan-26-2011 www.toastedcircuits.com moved to the AppEngine Genesis Device SCMS.
Artist/Project Profile
Floating forecaster is a interactive display by richard harvey that uses floating ping-pong balls to represent various pieces of information. The project interprets information sent for an iphone to a physical display and represents it through different hovering patterns and movements.
The Lightuino is used to drive power transistors that control the speed of each fan.