Quick Turn PCB Prototype for Computer Controller

Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Base Material:
Copper Thickness:
1/2OZ 1OZ 2OZ 3OZ
Board Thickness:
Min. Hole Size:
6 mil
Min. Line Width:
3 mil
Min. Line Spacing:
3 mil
Surface Finishing:
+/- 5%
PCB/PCBA Standard:
Quick Turn PCB Prototype for Computer Controller
Packaging Details
PCBA: Anti-static bag

PCB: Vacuum package

Custom Package

Delivery Time
2 weeks

Quick Turn PCB Prototype for Computer Controller

Dmax manufacture PCBA for our customers and these products are applied extensively to various fields:

Computer, Communication, Consumer electronics, Industrial Controller, Smart living, Wearable device, Automobile Electronics.

Q: Do you have a price list?

A: We are an OEM Manufacturer. We produce products per Customer’s designs and instructions. Hence we don’t have a price list.

Q: What’s your MOQ for PCB, PCBA?

A: No MOQ for PCB and PCBA. We can do prototype and mass production as well. There exists Economical Order Quantity (EOQ), Please send an inquiry to us for details.

Q: Can you do turnkey services? Can you procure all parts in BOM for us?

A: Due to MOQ & MPQ of Components, it depends on order quantity:

*We would like to process the BOM procurement for MP(Mass Production)

*We prefer Customer to supply components for Prototype and Pilot-run order Please send an inquiry to us for more details.

Q: What’s your L/T for PCBAs?

A: PCBA Lead Time is normally 2 weeks. Post Test and Box build might last the Lead Time longer to 3 weeks Precise Instructions, SOP and Fine Test Fixture could expedite the L/T.

Q: What’s your L/T for bare PCBs?

A: PCB Lead Time is within 2 weeks if quantity below 1000 pcs (1K) PCB Lead Time is 3 weeks if quantity above 1000 pcs (1K)

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