Customized Design LED Module Prototype Development -pcba service

Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Super Brite/ All Brite
Model Number:
Base Material:
Copper Thickness:
Board Thickness:
Min. Hole Size:
Min. Line Width:
Min. Line Spacing:
Surface Finishing:
1000000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Lead Time:
Shipped in 7 days after payment

Customized Design LED Module Prototype Development Pcba service

Customized designs and specifications are accepted
OEM( and ODM orders are welcome
Prototype development
LED + PCB development + driver circuit + optics + thermal management
Developing cost: 200 to 800 USD
Developing lead-time: 2 weeks


Rapid LED module prototyping and production services for Bosch,
Heineken and Moscow City Government.

Custom-made LED module for various Applications

We provide the full solution to clients who need LED products.
One of our primary businesses is to design and manufacture LED module
for customers who need LEDchain inside out.
Our Knowhow covers upstream LED Chip technology to LED packaging and to downstream LED applications. If customers want to adopt LED into their products,
we will come up with a most cost-effective total solution in no time, and follow up with making prototype based on that, and of course, we are able to put this into mass production

at the most competitive price while yielding best quality.

LED Products:

*LED Components
*Custom-Made LED Modules
*Led Lighting Solution

LED Service:

*LED Module Circuit Diagram Design
*Developing Prototype
*Providing LED total solutions
*Mass Producing LED Modules

Our Niches:
*Providing Professional LED total solutions with Quick responses
-Request replied within a day
-Proposal and quotation provided within 3 days
-Prototype development completed within 14 days

*Assisting Clients to Implement LED lighting idea into actual Products with Low Developing Cost
*Mass Manufacturing with efficient competitive cost and stable superior quality.

We provide a range of LED lighting application products, and assist customers to develop any new form of Solid State Lighting products. Please contact us, if we could provide you with any kind of assistance regarding this issue.

Custom-Made LED Modules/Lights (ODM Service)

LED is the next generation lighting technology. In addition to its conventional usages of industrial lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and decorative lighting, it is also widely used in many special fields because of its advantages over conventional lights.

Given our hands-on experience in LED fields and technology know-how in Thermal, Electrical, Maniacal and Optical fields, we can assist our customers to target the right application product to develop, and further provide the capability of mass production.

We have developed various LED modules in different filed such as Advertisement, Agricultural Machine Lighting, Automotive Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Decoration Lighting, Freezer, Furniture, Kitchen Ware, Sign …etc.

Our ODM services including:

  • 1. Prototype Development: We provide comprehensive LED lighting solution as well as the development of new lighting applications to our customers. Based on client’s requirement we provide quick design and small quantity samples for the client to review their design before mass production.
  • 2. Mass production Service: We assist our customers to applied LED into application products in different fields
    Our service goal is not only to provide customers with a total solution in LED lighting but also assist them to come up with the most competitive products in the shortest possible time.

LED Module/Products Assembly Service (OEM Service)

We adopt customers’ design and provide assistance starting from materials purchasing, to module assembling to end-items assembling. We will utilize our leading LED know-how on top of our efficient production facilities and tight budget control. As a result, we are able to provide our customers with low cost yet high-quality OEM service.

Architectural Lighting Project Support

We will act according to customers’ specific needs, manage an architectural lighting project. Starting from a selection of lighting sources, Lighting Fixture and development of control system. We provide customers a tailor-made architectural lighting project solution.

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